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Did you enjoy it? Tell us what you think. Are there other countries that you would like to learn more about? Just let us know what you are interested in and we shall see what we can do. If you click here, you can send us an e-mail or you can use the response form. Of course you can reach us in other ways too. For example:

Via mail:

Jacqueline Senne
P.O. Box 17 45
21307 Lueneburg
Peter-Schulz-Str. 9
21337 Lueneburg

Via Telephone (please ask your parents permission):

From Germany: 04131-56163
From other countries: ++49-4131-56163

Via Telefax (please ask your parents permission):

From Germany: 04131-52864
From other countries: ++49-4131-52864

Note to parents

And now a few notes to your parents. This service does not cost anything, is without any obligation and nobody will mail you adverts for children's books or anything else in the next days (or at any other time). That is also the reason why we have not implemented a guest book, as from here some individuals could have access to your data.

But what is the point in all this then, I can hear you ask. Quite simple really. Did you enjoy your journey through Kenya and Tanzania? If yes, then you have found the answer yourself, because we did. Luckily I am in the position to spend some time on things that I do not have to make money with.

If you should plan to visit Kenya, Tanzania or Uganda yourself sometime or any other Country in East Africa for that matter, give us a ring, a fax or an e-mail. We would be only too pleased to help you with all the knowledge and information we have available (of course free of any charge).

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