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Final Remarks

Jacqueline's Travel Diary

Many, many hours have Jacqueline and I spent working on this Diary. At first we had intended it to be only a very short summary of what we saw and what happened, but the more time we spent writing things down, the more we wanted to put into it. In the end it was still not enough. There would be so much more to say.

The diary itself Jacqueline wrote mostly by herself as well as typing a fair amount of it on the Computer. I have tried to stick to giving little hints, without changing the contents. So, if not every sentence beings with "And then...", "After that..." or similar beginnings to the sentence, I helped her by remarking that this is regarded as a bad stile in writing. The resulting changes were again made by herself.

From time to time I helped her memory when she had forgotten things or had got them confused. But as I said, most of it comes from notes that she took during the day or latest in the evening of each day. A small part she remembered after watching the video or looking at the photographs that we took.

The spelling was her responsibility too. She was aided in it using the spell checker supplied with Microsoft Word or she had to look it up in one of the many books on African animals that she bought over the years.

The Photographs used in this diary Jacqueline took with her own camera or one of ours, except for about two or three pictures, that I took. We have spent long hours selecting the pictures from a collection of more than 8.000, that she took during the last three years in Africa.

We have enjoyed working on this little Book very much, as both of us are deeply in love with Africa, its people and animals and it is Jacqueline’s sincerest wish, that the house we are building on our Land in the Ngong Hills near Nairobi, will be completed soon, as she would rather today then tomorrow pack her things and move to Africa permanently.

Finally, I would once again like to thank all of our African friends, without whom this and other Journeys would not have been possible. This deep felt gratitude extends especially towards my brother and Jacqueline’s second father, Henry Julius Macharia, whom we dedicate this travel diary to.

"We share the same Earth, under the same Sky"

Jacqueline and Frank Senne

Lueneburg, August 1995, Internet Version July 1997

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