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"Jambo Jambo"

After Breakfast I went to the Swimming Pool to take a dip. This time the boys that caused the trouble yesterday were not there. In the very salty water it is very easy to swim.

At Lunchtime I had another "Chicken in the Basket", that is Chicken and Chips in a Basket. I like that very much, but afterwards I was very tired.

I went to bed and slept a little.

When I awoke at half past four I played Yatzy and Ludo with Mum on the Balcony.

At seven in the evening we went to sit at the Bar and when the musicians came and played African Music, we listened to them. They played my favourite song "Jambo, Jambo". I have that song on a tape that Henry gave me for a present.

When everybody went to dinner, the Musicians followed us into the Dining room and continued to play music, while I ate a tough Rump steak.

I went to bed at about half past nine.

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