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The Cheetah

The Cheetah is the fastest land animal. It can achieve speeds of up to 110 kilometers, but can only hold this speed for a very short time before he gets tired. It is one of the few big cats that may not be legally hunted anywhere in Africa.

Cheetahs are spotted and they are best recognised by the two tear-streaks, that run from both eyes down to the mouth. One left and on right of the nose.

The animals are usually not found in groups, unless it is a mother with its young. Otherwise they are rarely seen in a group.

Cheetahs preferably live on the large African Plains, where there are few trees and low grass, in which they can hunt in their typical way. Approaching the animal well hidden by the grass and then giving a short chase at very high speed. Their favourite prey are small Gazelles, like the Thompson’s Gazelle.

Ein Gepard ruht sich im Schatten aus. A cheetah resting in the shade.

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