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The Flamingo

Flamingos am Nakurusee. Flaminos at Lake Nakuru. The large pink Birds are usually found on Lakes with salty, brackish water, where their sole food, Algae, live. Flamingos have a kind of filter inside the beak, with which they can extract the tiny Algae from the water.

Along the shores of East Africa’s Lakes can still be found a large number of Flamingos. Lake Nakuru alone is home to as many as four million Birds. Even the city of Hamburg is not home to that many people.

The only place in the world where they breed is a lake in Tanzania. The name of that lake is Lake Natron. Humans can not live here. There is only salt water and during the day temperatures may rise to more than sixty degrees centigrade. The parents are then more than occupied providing their offspring with a little shade.

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