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The Leopard

Leopards are often seen on trees.

They are not spotted like Cheetahs, but have black circles on their coat, which are called rosettes. At a distance they are easily distinguished from the Cheetah by looking at their face. Leopards do not have the tear-streaks in the face.

Leopards are also capable of hunting and bringing down larger prey, like some of the African Antelopes and larger Gazelles. It is a Leopards habit to carry the food up onto a tree, where it can feed undisturbed by other animals. So, if you spot a piece of animal skin or some bones in a tree, the Leopard is usually not far away.

The marks on the fur help the Leopard to hide well and they are very difficult to spot. Apart from that, there are not that many animals left in the wild.

Ein Leopard im Gest. A leopard on a tree.

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