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The Rhinoceros

The Rhino is probably Africa’s most threatened animal of all. Only about one hundred years ago Rhinos used to populate the African Plains in their hundreds of thousands. Today remain only a few thousand across the Continent. The animals are being killed for their Horns, that in some eastern Countries is regarded as an almost magical Medicine, but that is pure superstition, as all it is, is hair that has grown together.

One kilo of Rhino horn is worth almost as much money as one kilo of Gold and that is a lot of money, especially in Countries that are as poor as those in Africa.

Rhinos are basically peaceful animals. Only the mother with its young can become very dangerous indeed. We have once been attacked by an angry female Rhino, which almost destroyed our car.

Spitzmaulnashörner im Dickicht. Black rhinos in the brush.

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