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On the way to the Airport

We left very early in the morning. First we took the train from Hamburg to Frankfurt. The train rattled very much. I was thirsty and the train was very long. I think there must have been more than twenty wagons.

We travelled through a beautiful countryside.

When we arrived in Frankfurt, we took the Underground to the Airport. At the Airport we had to look for Olympic Airways again. Dad can never remember where they were. After he found them, he went to collect the boarding Cards and checked in our luggage.

We had two more hours to wait, so we went and had a drink at the Bar. I waited until our flight number was called. Then we had to go to Passport control and Customs. There I had to put my backpack under a Scanner and the Police checked if we had knives or guns on us. Of course we did not and we could go through.

Mit dem Airbus nach Athen. By Airbus to Athens.

Am Strand in Athen. At the beach in Athens.

We then waited until all the other Passenger had boarded the Plane, because it takes so long otherwise. Then we got on to the Plane. Now we are inside. The Plane took off and I felt a little dizzy.

When we were in the air, Lunch was served. I did not like it very much.

After Lunch we played some games. Dad won all the time. After that I played some card games on Dads Computer.

In Athens we again had to go to Passport control and Customs. They let me pass this time, but the man at Customs nearly broke Dads Computer Printer.

We then took the bus to the Hotel.

After Dinner we went for a walk on the Beach. It was cold outside.

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