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From Athens to Nairobi

Today I had to get up very early again. Ten to four. That is very early.

This time I did not feel dizzy when the Plane took off, but this was a bigger one. Then we got our breakfast and after that I listened to the Radio for a while and watched some TV. When we flew over Africa I looked out of the window and Dad showed me Lake Turkana in Kenya.

Das Panafric Hotel in Nairobi. The Panafric Hotel in Nairobi.

Der Swimming Pool im Panafric Hotel. The swimming pool at the Panafric Hotel.

Before we land in Nairobi, we flew over the Nairobi National Park. A Rhino attacked us there once.

Finally we were there. It was a long flight and it was hot in the Plane.

At Passport control our friend Henry waited for us. We were very happy to see him again. Outside waited Richard. He had collected a luggage trolley for us.

We went to the car and it was very hot. Then we all got in and drove to the Panafric Hotel.

I went to Dad and got my swimsuit and went to the Swimming Pool. There I met a girl, we became friends and I practised swimming at the Swimming Pool.

Mein Vater in Tansania. My Dad in Tanzania.

Meine Mutter filmt eine Elefantenherde. Mum filming a herd of elephants.

In the evening I had fish for Dinner, which was not very good. In the morning the meals are better then at Lunch and Dinner.

I went to bed at ten o’clock and read a little.

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