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New Years Eve at the Coast

Am Swimming Pool im Shelly Beach Hotel. The pool at the Shelly Beach Hotel. Today was the last day of the year. Also I met my friend Nino from Germany again. I did not know that he was here too. We played together all afternoon. He and his Mum come to Africa every year too.

For Lunch I had "Chicken in the Basket" again.

That night I stayed up until one o’clock. At midnight there came two men with bagpipes that played some music.

Everybody was thrown into the Swimming Pool. Rama and Mike, he is the Manager of the Hotel, too. That was very funny. Rama tried to push me into the Pool too, but I was too quick for him, so he fell into the water first.

But they managed to spray loads of sticky paint on me. A little while later I went to bed. Everybody else was already asleep.

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