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At the Shelly Beach Hotel

I was very happy to be at the Coast, where I could swim all day long.

I was the first to get up in the morning and listened to some music. Then I got up and dressed. When they were all ready we went to have Breakfast.

I had two fried eggs, Weetabix and Corn Flakes and to finish Breakfast I had three pieces of Melon.

Afterwards I applied some sun screen and ran over to the Pool.

At about Lunchtime Mum and Dad passed the Pool and asked if I wanted to have something to eat. We went to the Coffee Shop and I had Chicken in the Basket.

While I was still eating, Grace, she is one of the Managers, came by to welcome us back and we too were very pleased to see her again. She is very nice.

In the afternoon we went to see Dismas. Dismas was overjoyed to see us again. He told us the Mike the Manager was in Hospital, because he had Malaria, so he could not welcome us today. He would do that when he was discharged from Hospital in a day or two.

In meinem Hotelzimmer. In my Hotel room.

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