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Fresh Coconut

After we got up, had a shower and dressed, we went to have Breakfast. I ate fried eggs and a lot of Melon. The Melons are very good at the Coast.

When I had finished, I went to Nino and we swam and played until Lunchtime. It is very good to have met Nino again, we are very good friends.

At Lunchtime Mum and Dad came to pick me up to have something to eat. In the Coffee Shop I had "Chicken in the Basket" as usual. While we were eating, Rama came to see us and asked if we wanted more Coconuts. Mum and Dad said yes, because they like the milk very much.

Rama took his Panga, a very big knife, and climbed up a Coconut Palm. It is quite dangerous, because the Palms grow very tall. He then cut off the Nuts with his knife and they fell to the earth.

He collected them and cut them open with the Panga. After he decorated them with flowers and carved a spoon from the hull of the Nut, he gave Mum the Coconut. I did not like the milk, but I always get the Coconut flesh, that I can eat with the carved spoon.

In the evening Rama brought some more, so we could take some home with us. Dad said that I should take one to School with me, because nobody had seen a Coconut as they grow before.

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