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At the "Carnivore" Restaurant

In the morning we went to Henry’s Office. I was bored there with everyone talking.

Henry und ich im Carnivore Restaurant. Henry and I at the Carnivore Restaurant.

Carnivore Restaurant

In the afternoon we went into town to buy some shoes and a toothbrush for me and a pair of shorts for Dad. We then went to Minaz, who has a Travel Agency like Henry and books Safaris. Minaz is a very close friend of Dads.
In the evening Henry and Penny, his wife, took us to the "Carnivore" Restaurant, that means "meat eater" and we ate a lot of meat. Crocodile, Zebra, Giraffe, Eland-Antelope and Warthog. You can eat as much and as long as you like.

Hyänen fressen ein totes Gnu. Hyenas feeding on a dead wildebeast.

Eine spielende Löwenfamilie am Wasser. Lion family at play.

My favourite meat is Crocodile, but this time it was almost only bones. That is why I shared "Spare-Ribs" of Warthog with Mum. Warthog ribs are Mum’s favourite meat in Africa. After I had finished I wanted some desert, but Dad said "No, you had enough!". But Henry had ordered some Strawberries for himself and he shared them with me.

Mum did not eat very much unfortunately. Later we went back to the Hotel and I went to bed and read a little until it was ten o’clock.

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