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The First Day on Safari

Flamingos am Manyarasee. Flamingos at Lake Manyara.

I had to get up very early again, because we had to travel a long time by car today. The road from Nairobi to Namanga was very bad.
At the border to Tanzania we had to wait a long time at the Customs Office, before we could climb into our Landrover and continue our Journey.

Ein Kaffernbüffel. A cape buffalo.

Ein Kronenkranich. A crowned crane.

From Namanga we drove to Arusha to the Impala Hotel, where we had Lunch. After we had Lunch we drove to Mr. Wera’s Office, where we paid for the Safari.
Then we continued on to Lake Manyara, where we had Dinner when we arrived at the Lodge.

Ein schlafender Leopard im Baum. Sleepling leopard in a tree.

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