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At Lake Manyara

Finally we were at a Lodge where I could swim. It was nice and warm here. I got a sunburn and Dad got a very bad sore throat.

After we had Breakfast we drove into the Park. Along the road stood some children that wanted to sell a Chameleon. We only took some pictures.

At the shore of the Lake we got out of the car and had a Picnic. Dad did not eat anything, because his throat ached very much and he got a fever.

We saw a lot of Flamingos and the water really stank, because of all the bird droppings.

When we continued our journey, we saw a herd of elephants. One elephant came very close to our car. We could almost touch him.

We then returned to the Lodge, because Dad kept feeling really bad. Tomorrow we will take him to the Hospital. I then went for a swim in the Pool.

Giraffen haben Vorfahrt. Giraffes have right of way.

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