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At the Ngorongoro Crater

Blick in den Ngorongoro Krater. View into the Ngorongoro crater.

Gedenktafel fr die Opfer des Naturschutzes. Memorial for conservationists.

On the way to the Ngorongoro Crater we stopped at a Hospital. Dad went to see the Doctor and bought some Medicine. It took quite a long time.

On the way to the Ngorongoro Crater Lodge we stopped at the Memorial for Michael and Bernhard Grzimek. From that place you have a wonderful view of Lake Makat at the bottom of the Crater. I took a photograph of it.

Ein Steppenzebra. A grevy zebra.

Zebraherde im Ngorongoro Krater. Herd of zebras in the Ngorongoro crater.

On one of the stones I saw a very large white snail, that I picked up. Afterwards my hands were very sticky, so I had to wash my hands in a dirty puddle. The snail only tried to defend itself from me.
After Lunch we took the car and drove into the Crater, where we saw a lot of animals. Wildebeest, Zebras, Elephants and a Sea Eagle. We also saw two Rhinos, but they were to far away from us. Left and right from us were some Safari busses, so the Rhinos went away.

Eine Breitmaulnashornfamilie. White rhino family.

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