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The Serengeti Plain

Die Seronera Lodge in der Serengeti. The Seronera Lodge in the Serengeti.

Today is Christmas and we left Ngorongoro early in the morning. We drove through the clouds that covered the rim of the Crater. On the way we took Dad to the Hospital again, because his sore throat had not got better. The Nurse examined Dad and gave him some more medicine, because he was still very ill.
Outside the Serengeti Park we saw the migration of the Wildebeest. Richard and Ben said there were more than three million Wildebeest.

At lunchtime we arrived at the Seronera Lodge. There were a lot of monkeys there.

Eine Elefantenherde. A herd of elephants.

Ein faulenzender Gepard. A resting cheetah.

Outside my Window sat a Pattas Monkey. Granddad gave it a piece of Banana. That is not allowed, because they can bite and injure you. Then we went to have Lunch. I did not eat a lot of meat, because it was very tough.
In the afternoon we drove into the Park, where we saw a lot of animals.. Topis, Zebras, Impalas, Thompsons Gazelles and a huge Herd of Elephants. There were more than three hundred Elephants. We spent a lot of time with them. It was very beautiful.

Ein Klippschliefer. A rock hyrax.

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