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Christmas Day

I awoke at five in the morning, when I heard Grandpa looking for something in his bag. He and Dad wanted to go out very early in the morning.

When Grandpa was gone I rolled over and I saw a small parcel and I thought that must be for my friend Vicky. But then I thought about it. I was not sure if the parcel was for me or for Vicky. So I played a little with my toy Rabbit and the Koala that I got from Mrs. Schuetz. From my bed I saw the Sunrise, the sky was very red under the trees. As I looked out of the Window, I saw the Pattas Monkeys climbing up the wall. One of the monkeys came to the Window and started scratching on the glass.

Sonnenaufgang über der Serengeti. Sunrise over the Serengeti.

Unsere hungrige Meerkatze. A hungry monkey.

Yesterday we had fed it with a Banana and today it came back and wanted some more. I teased it a little and kept knocking on the Window, while the Monkey ran back and forth on the Windowsill. Then I scared it with my hand and it kept making a lot of noise outside. After a while it got fed up and jumped from our Balcony and ran away.
I went back to bed and thought, that must be my parcel. So I opened the parcel. There was a small Walkman in it.

I then played some Christmas songs on my flute. Later I went to Mum and woke her up and wished her a merry Christmas.

When Grandpa and Dad returned from their Safari, we went to have Breakfast. Dad said that they had seen more than 50 Hippos. Mum was annoyed, because there was always only Instant Coffee, that tasted terrible.

After Breakfast we packed up our things and returned the keys to the Reception. Then we went to the car and drove to the Lobo Lodge. On the way we saw a lot of Topis and Elephants. But not as many as yesterday.

Flußpferde beim Morgenbad. Hippos taken their morning bath.

When we arrived at the Lodge we took our Luggage up to our room and went out into the Park again.

We drove through the Park and suddenly there were hundreds of Tsetse flies everywhere in the car. We quickly closed the roof and all the windows but it was too late, the car was full of them. One of the flies stung my foot. That really did hurt and I was much afraid and cried. Dad and the others killed all of the flies. That took quite a while.

Tsetse flies are dangerous, as they transmit sleeping sickness, that can kill people and animals. Ben hit Mum on her backside, because there was a Tsetse fly.

In the evening in the Lobo Lodge, we had a barbecue and the meat was very good.

Later that night I went to watch the dancers, but I did not get to see much, because it was too late and they had almost finished.

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