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In the morning we left the Lobo Lodge. Suddenly there was a Thompson’s Gazelle in front of our car. She was just as fast as we were and kept jumping in front of the car from side to side, acting like she was some kind of Tourist Guide.

Blick in den Ngorongoro Krater. View of the Ngorongoro crater.

Jacqueline mit einer Schildkröte. Jacqueline with a tortoise.

A little while later we spotted a couple of Tortoises by the side of the road and we stopped and got out. First I picked up one of them and carried it to the other side of the road and then the other one. The Tortoises were very heavy. Dad took a picture of the Tortoise and me, then we continued our journey.
Late that afternoon we arrived at the Ngorongoro Crater. The name of the Lodge is Ngorongoro Wildlife Lodge.

After we had something to eat, we drove down into the Crater. At the shore of Lake Makat we stopped and got out of the car. I stayed with Ben, who showed me all sorts of small animals that were there.

Der König der Löwen. The lion king.

Eine Siedleragame sonnt sich. A rock agama taking a sun bath.

Then I went to Dad and we watched the birds for a long time.

When we returned, Ben overtook another car and as there was very little space, bumped into the side of it. But it was not so bad and he repaired it when we got to the Lodge.

Eine wachsame Büffelherde. A watchful herd of buffalos.

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