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At Arusha

When we got to Arusha, we drove through the Town on the way to the Impala Hotel. When we got there, we asked for our rooms and took our luggage upstairs. Outside was a life-size wooden Elephant, that looked so real, that I at first thought it was a real one.

In our rooms we had a shower and changed into some clean clothes. Then we went to the Bar and had a drink. I ordered a Coke and an ice-cream in English. When we had finished our drinks, we went back upstairs and rested for a while.

Later in the evening I wanted to have something to eat, but Grandpa did not want to go to the dining room with me. So I went to Mum and Dads room and asked them if they wanted to eat with me. Dad was very angry that Grandpa had not gone to Dinner with me. Mum was too tired to eat, so Dad and I went alone. There was a German couple there from Stuttgart, so we joined them at their table. We talked a lot while we waited for our food to arrive. After we had Dinner we went to bed.

Das dicke Ende. A "BIG" ending.

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