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In the morning we had Breakfast and after Ben and Richard had collected us from the Hotel, we went to Mr. Wera’s Office. While Dad was inside, I watched two boys fighting. One of them had a knife and was trying to kill the other. Mum said it is too dangerous for me to go and stop then, so I had to stay in the car.

Finally Dad returned with Mr. Wera who gave me some table mats and some bookmarks as a present. That was very nice of him and I was happy. Then we had to drive to Namanga, where the Border is. This was where we had to say goodbye to Ben, our Driver and Guide, as he had to stay in Tanzania.

We had to wait a long time and fill out a lot of papers and show our Passports before we could return to Kenya.

Unser Landrover auf der Safari. Our Landrover on Safari.

Unser Freund Henry im Büro. Our friend Henry at the office.

Henry had sent a car to the Border to pick us up and Richard drove the car to Nairobi, to Henry’s Office.

Everybody was really happy to see each other again. We had something to drink and then returned to the Panafric Hotel. I ran strait to the elevator, and went to the Swimming Pool. The girl I had met there when we arrived was still there, so we spent the afternoon playing and swimming together. Jumping in to the Pool from the side.

Dinner we had in the Flamingo Bar downstairs and Dad and Grandpa had another argument. Mum went upstairs, she did not want to listen to them arguing.

Ein freundlicher Dickhäuter. A friendly elephant.

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