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From Nairobi to the Coast

After we had Breakfast we went to see Henry in his Office. The grown-ups talked a long time and it was boring for me.

Henry’s Secretary, Nancy, took me to the market so I could buy a few things for myself. Also we bought Cola and Samosas, little pasties with meat inside, and collected Dad’s suits from the dry-cleaners. I had a coke and shared the Samosas with Mum and Granddad. Dad was not hungry enough to eat.

In the afternoon we returned to the Panafric Hotel and I went swimming until Henry arrived to take us to the Airport.

At half past four we drove to the Airport and waited for our Flight. The Airport is not very big and it is very boring. Our Flight would leave at eight o’clock, so we had to wait two hours.

Henrys Sekretärin Nancy. Henrys secretary Nancy.

Tänzerinnen in der Hotelbar. African dancers at the Shelly Beach Hotel.

The Plane was late, so we passed the time playing games. At half past eight we took off and were on the way to Mombasa. In the Plane we did not get anything to eat and I was hungry.

After an hour we arrived in Mombasa and the driver was waiting for us with the Hotel bus. The bus nearly fell to pieces like most cars in Kenya.

From the Airport we drove through the Town until we reached the Ferry, where we had to wait for it. After crossing the water we continued on the way to the Shelly Beach Hotel.

When we arrived, I told Mum that I would go and watch the Dancers in the Bar. She did not hear me and when I returned to the Reception, they where nowhere to be found. Ali, who works at the Reception, took me to my room and Mum, Dad and Granddad were already there.

Like always, there was a big bowl of fruits that Dismas had put into our room and Mike the Manager had left his card on the mirror welcoming us home.

Die Empfangshalle vom Shelly Beach Hotel. The Shelly Beach Hotel lobby.

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